Behind the Name

Before the days of Madonna and Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, the “Original Blonde Bombshell” made her mark on Hollywood and the world. Although she would sadly only live to age 26, Jean achieved a great deal of success during her lifetime and was the first movie actress to appear on the cover of Life magazine. Jean displayed talent in both her sensual and comedic performances, but she initially captivated fans with her trendsetting platinum blonde hair. As she gained fame, peroxide sales in the United States skyrocketed. Botched attempts to look like Jean forced thousands of women to cut their hair. Hollywood producers of the past had consistently cast dark-haired women to play the parts of vixens, but Jean emerged as the first star to incorporate the platinum blonde look into her acting.

In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout Finch is unusual for being a tomboy in the prim and proper Southern world of Maycomb. At the beginning of the novel Scout is an innocent, good-hearted five-year-old child who has no experience with the evils of the world. Scout has her first contact with evil in the form of racial prejudice, and her character is governed by the question of whether she will emerge from that with her conscience and optimism intact or whether she will be bruised, hurt, or destroyed. Thanks to her father’s wisdom, she learns that though humanity has a great capacity for evil, it also has a great capacity for good, and that the evil can often be mitigated if one approaches others with an outlook of sympathy and understanding. Though she is still a child at the end of the story, Scout’s perspective on life develops from that of an innocent child into that of a near grown-up.

In the 19th century, Jean HARLOW was setting Hollywood on fire with her platinum blonde hair. When Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mockingbird, featuring my favorite character Scout FINCH, it became known as one of the best books of the 20th century. Now in the 21st century, I welcome you to HARLOW & FINCH SALON, a place that encompasses my heart, soul and passion for great hair.